Welcome to MetroPsychologist
  • I am a qualified professional psychologist with Masters in Psychology : Over 5 years of experience in counselling
  • Excellent communication skills : Superior listening skills
  • Passionate about helping others in improving the quality of life of people
  • This is a free social service. Use responsibly. This service could get discontinued any time without any prior notice to any one.
  • I do not do this full time. I only spend few hours a week at most. I encourage you to seek out other counseling sources/professionals else where and do not wait for my appointment. Sometimes weeks go by before I take up new cases.
  • I treat each and every case as a special one and treat it with equal amount of importance. It gives me great pleasure when I help a client in overcoming a challenge.
  • Please note that I am not qualified to prescribe any kind of medication. I am a psychologist, not a psychiatrist.

Partha - Psychologist (Masters in Psychology)

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